Resumes are failing us; Write a blog instead

During my internship last year at Vertex Ventures SEA, I got the chance to sit in and observe the notoriously intimidating job application process that everyone has to go through. (Well maybe not everybody, if you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed…) Think of the immense pressure of conveying as much information as possible in a clear and concise manner that allows the interviewer to understand you better as a person. Even if executed brilliantly, employers might still be sceptical about you which could just kill your chances of being hired. Imagine what if you lacked personal marketing skills but yet was more than competent for the job; Is this fair? In all likelihood you as the interviewee fails to impress the employer and you fall short at yet another opportunity, only to be left feeling dejected and discouraged. The system is biased against those who fail to make the first good impression, right? Shouldn’t it be less ruthless? Shouldn’t interviews be done over extended period of time where employers and potential employees meet in all forms of different social settings? Shouldn’t interviews be similar to the process of befriending someone where you get to know every perks and quirks of someone else?

Maybe, or maybe not. Yet, this is too idealistic and impractical as well. If a company is hiring, they’re probably in a quick, if not dire, need to fill a position in the company. Investments into slow and gradual interviewing processes breed much inefficiency. How then could we alleviate this?

Maybe, just maybe, with a blog.

Wait what? Are you crazy? Sharing your personal blog with future potential employers? 

Yup, that’s right. It isn’t stipulated that you have to possess the caliber of famous bloggers such as Ben Horowitz to be able to write down your thoughts. What could be more insightful into you as a person than bearing your soul naked to those whom you’ll spend most of your hours in a week with? (Trust me, that just stumbled upon me as well) Recently, I read Originals by Adam Grant which talked about The Sarick Effect. In essence, Adam talks about how counter-intuitively, entrepreneurs who pitched on reasons why investors should not invest in them were eventually more likely to receive investments. One of the main reasons is that by admitting one’s shortcomings, the other party lowers their barriers and conversations become more trusting. Extending this example, if employers saw another side of you, be it good or bad, less is left to the imagination of what the heck is wrong with you. Honesty builds connection, and connection fosters trust.

Nowadays, countless of hours are spent to produce ‘perfect’ user generated content. Nothing lies beyond that sentimental Facebook post as people do not share their true feelings face to face with their loved ones.Behind an Instagram photo is countless of hours of posing and applied filters that did not capture the concluding disappointment of not receiving enough likes. That seemingly well-timed Snapchat is probably a well rehearsed video that prevented one from truly immersing in and enjoying the moment.

Isn’t it refreshing to see something new once in awhile? To admit to one’s flaws of one without being self-degrading; to be able to admire another for their imperfections; to let oneself be vulnerable to those who should matter. Aren’t these the fundamentals of a great relationship?

Ironically, this could be my valiant PR effort to portray myself as a saint in the eyes of the public, but that’s okay. At the very end, at least I know I am being honest with myself.

So here’s my pitch to you, write and share your unfiltered opinions publicly to capture the lesser known parts of you. Fill it with your thoughts and ideas that you would probably not have shared with others. Be brave enough to expose yourself to the scrutiny of the world’s unforgiving judgments but know that ultimately these will only serve to help you grow. Let the world fully know and appreciate the hidden gems inside your mind.

(Besides, isn’t it exhilarating to create something worthwhile?)


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